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avalonroo's Journal

14 February
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Hiho Its me the Silly Blue withe black Tatoor Roo from Switzerland * bounce around*

I know i not write in this Journal very much but i what do it now more now XD

Mhm Infos about me mhm:
I am from Switzerland live there Suiting around with my Suit make Events like Cons, Fursuitwalks Bowling Days and more. Like to draw and have fun with pawpeteering with my friends ohh more and more XD

I am realy a Silly Roo who do really much thinks and what to meet and have fun with other people i am really open to everyone normally and really nice and friendly don't be shy to say hello or Hug me when i am around.

I hope to see you one day because i don't know what i what write more XD

When youn want to know more about me than ask me.

I hope to see you around in a Con.